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Pay your Wildwood room rental in Cash and get a discount!

How to get your Wildwood hotel discount.

Make your reservations directly by calling the front desk of the Wildwood hotel/motel you choose and ask for the cash discount rate or follow the link at the bottom.

Nantucket Inn & Suites in Wildwood: 609-522-7423 or click the Reservations Link

Stardust Motel in Wildwood: 609-522-1983 or click the Reservations Link

Riviera Resort & Suites in Wildwood: 609-522-5353 or click the Reservations Link

Olympic Island Beach Resort in Wildwood Crest: 609-522-0206 or click the Reservations Link

Commander by the Sea Motel in Wildwood Crest: 609-522-2802 

(When using our online reservation link, please select the cash payment option. Unless you are checking in within 30 days of the booking date, then a valid credit card will be required to guarantee the 2 nights payment. When the check in date is further then 30 days from the date of booking then a check or money order must be mailed for the equivalent of the first nights rent to confirm the room. Upon arrival the full invoice must be paid in cash for the discount to apply. Can not be applied to 3rd party reservations and group reservations. Other restrictions may apply.)